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Top Rated Furnace Repair in Berthoud, CO and surrounding areas of Northern Colorado

If your furnace is on the fritz, it affects everyone in your house. Calling IMS today will let you ditch the sweaters and scarves and everyone will enjoy the perfect temperature.

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Dedicated Furnace Repair Technicians

Having a freezing house is never “cool”; that’s why at IMS Heating & Air, we take furnace repair in Berthoud, CO, very seriously.

We offer expert furnace repair services to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently throughout the winter months. Whether you need a simple pilot light repair or need help with a more extensive issue, our furnace experts are always here to help.

Rely on IMS Heating & Air for Furnace repair in Berthoud, CO

We have the knowledge and skills necessary to diagnose any furnace issue quickly and accurately. Working with IMS Heating & Air makes it easier for you to deal with furnace-related issues before they grow into a larger, more serious problem.

Aside from our quick response times, our HVAC specialists are available any time of the day, 24/7, waiting for your call. So, if your furnace starts to act strange or you notice an usual noise coming from the unit, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Furnace Tune Up Berthoud, CO

At IMS Heating & Air, we know how crucial it is for your furnace to work properly, especially during the cold winter months. Rather than waiting for your furnace to act up or break down, we recommend investing in a furnace tune up. Doing this ensures that your furnace will run smoothly throughout the year.

If you need assistance with your furnace, or think that it’s time to schedule a tune up, you can always rely on our team at IMS Heating & Air. We will inspect the unit for any signs of wear and tear, clean out dust and debris from the unit’s inner workings, change filters as needed, and test various furnace components. Our thorough process tune up ensures that your furnace is always at its peak operation.

Call us today to schedule your next furnace tune up in Berthoud, CO, and peacefully wait for the winter months.


Tech makes our lives better. We’ll email and text your confirmation, let you know when the tech is on their way as well! You can give us feedback right after each appointment too so that we make sure everything went smoothly for everyone involved in this process – from start to finish it’s all about making things easy at IMS Heating & Air, Inc.

Fix It Right The First Time

You can always count on us for reliable service. Our technicians are NATE certified, Factory Trained and take ongoing classes to ensure that your job gets done right the first time!

Flat Rate Pricing

No one should have to pay more than necessary for a service. That’s why we offer flat-rate pricing with peace of mind and protection against price gouging or bait-and switch tactics that other companies may use in order to get you locked into their contract before it suits your needs best! You’ll never regret trusting us as our top priority is always giving customers the savings they deserve without any hidden fees, clauses like “free weekends” which really means additional charges when they arrive.

Need some guidance?

Look at options, pricing, financing, and solutions for your home. We will take measurements of your home, evaluate your existing equipment and listen to your needs to provide you with affordable solutions.

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