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Air Purifiers

Indoor air is more than stinky, it’s filled with all sorts of gross things. We can help make it clean.​

Breathe Easier with an Air Purifier System

Featuring MERV 15 filter and patented Captures and Kills technology, the Carrier Infinity air purifier is merciless when it comes to bacteria, viruses, allergens, and a lengthy list of harmful pollutants. Cleaning indoor air up to eight times an hour, this low maintenance option traps up to 95% of particles that are up to eighteen thousand times smaller than a pinhead and destroys up to 99% of captured germs, pollen, and mold spores. Contact IMS Heating & Air at (970) 279-3620, and let us provide immediate and sustainable improvement to your breathing air. We offer a world of possibilities in home comfort systems.

UV Lights


Kill Germs!
Nothing works better than good old ultraviolet light. UV can weaken, destroy, and cause all of those nasty little germs floating in the air to – die! Sounds serious, well it is. UV lights have long been used in hospital and clean room applications, if you want your air to be clean UV lights are a great place to start.

Media Filters


Capture Yucky Stuff
For pollen, pollutants, and dust bunnies you need to capture all of those things floating around. A media filter helps capture the small yucky bits and keeps airflow throughout your house. In some cases, you may only have to change your filter every 6 months.



Smells Like Amazing
Ozone and Carbon systems are great ways for your house to smell like – perfect. Many people have room deodorizers that mask smells. Why not remove smells from your entire house? Air Oxidizers and Carbon Capture systems will help keep your house smelling perfect.

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Colorado Wildfires & Air Quality

If you have lived in Colorado for any amount of time wildfires become a part of our summer routines. This year has been especially bad. With ash piling up on your patio and seeing the smoke cloud daily many of our customers want to know what we can do to help the indoor air quality.

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