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Are you spending a lot of time working at home? Energy bills can be a lot higher when you work from home. Learn about heating and cooling systems that reduce your utility bills.

Great Financing Options

Are you trying to keep to a monthly budget? About 75% of our customers take advantage of our great financing options. Learn about great promotion rates to longer terms to second-look financing.

Whole House Clean Air

Concerned about the air inside your house? Do you want to protect your family from bugs, germs, and that nasty stuff you read about? Learn about how to clean the air inside of your home.

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Common Customer Questions

Hot & Cold Rooms

Most houses have a room that is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. If you are lucky this isn't the master bedroom. We offer multiple solutions to help your house be at an even temp no matter which room you are in.

Peace of Mind

Routine maintenance is critical with your car, it is also critical with the most expensive appliance in your house your furnace and air conditioner. Our comfort club options take the guesswork out of maintenance.

When Is It Time?

Is your furnace or AC starting to become an issue? your utility bills are on the rise and you've fixed it a few times, you want to know when is it time for me to replace instead of repair my system. Relax we can help make the best decision for your needs.

Looking to not worry about your system? Try our Comfort Club!

From routine maintenance to discounts on repairs and new equipment, IMS has you covered. We offer plans that you can pay monthly or yearly. 

Looking for great financing rates? We have you covered.

Room By Room Comfort

Ductless Mini-Split Systems are a great way to make each of your rooms the perfect temp. We can put systems in a single room or outfit a whole house. We have a lot of options to fit your decorating style and ways to make the system disappear.