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Comfort Club Plans

Looking for great value? Our Comfort Club Plans offer fall furnace and spring air conditioner services at one really low price. Now that’s a breath of fresh air!

50% of every energy dollar goes to furnace and AC use

40% of furnace tune-ups fail to meet the minimum airflow criterion

A 1/8th inch layer of dust on a blower can reduce efficiency

30% of Leaky ductwork can reduce efficiency by 17%

$30 per month can be wasted by not having a clean and serviced HVAC system

90% of units tested that did not have regular maintenance showed some sort of energy-wasting problems


Clean & Inspect Burners

Clean & Inspect Heat Exchanger

Test Gas Shut-Off Valve

Clean & Check Pressure Tubes

Clean Furnace Cabinet

Inspect Blower Wheel

Inspect & Clean Igniter

Check Thermostat

Inspect Vent Pipes

Inspect Combustion

Air Pipes Clean & Check

Condensate Plumbing

Inspect Electrical Connections

Clean Flame Sensor

Measure & Record Temperature Rise

Measure & Record Gas Valve

Measure & Record Gas Pressure

Perform Carbon Monoxide Check

Measure & Record Capacitor Rating

Measure & Record Blower Motor Amps

Check & Clean Or Replace Air Filter

Inspect & Check Ducts For Leakage

Inspect & Check For Proper Fuse Size


Clean & Inspect Condenser Coil

Clean & Inspect Evaporator Coil

Inspect Blower Wheel

Clean & Test Safety Controls

Check Unit Disconnect

Check & Inspect Contractor

Inspect Airflow

Clean & Check Condensate Plumbing

Inspect Electrical Connections Leak

Check & Inspect Refrigerant

Inspect Motor Bearing

Check Condenser Blade Balance

Measure & Record Capacitor Rating

Measure & Record Compressor Amps

Measure & Record Condition Motor Amps

Measure & Record Super Heat/Sub-Cool

Measure & Record Temp Split

Measure & Record Line Voltage

Measure & Record Head Unit Pressure

Measure & Record Suction Pressure

Inspect & Clean Or Replace Belt

Check & Clean Or Replace Air Filter

Check & Inspect Circuit Breaker

Sizing Inspect & Check Ducts For LeakageAdditional Benefits

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