If your furnace breaks down, you need to get it fixed right away. But who do you call?

We respond quickly 24 hours a day 365 days per year for any emergency situation that arises!

Most heating and cooling companies have dispatchers sitting in a call center somewhere. When they answer the phone, they’re reading from a script that tells them what service to offer and how much it will cost. They don’t know anything about your house or the furnace inside of it.

We are different! Our Furnace Emergency Service is provided by local technicians with years of experience working on furnaces just like yours. Each technician has their own truck so we can respond quickly 24 hours a day 365 days per year for any emergency situation that arises!

Do you want to check a few things before you call us? Try these simple things...

Check to see if your thermostat is on

Your thermostat typically gets powered by your furnace. If there isn't power to your furnace then your thermostat should not show a number or be on.

Check Your Breakers

Sometimes your furnace or AC can pop the breaker. Go to your breaker panel and look at your furnace or AC breakers. If they are popped reset them and see if this fixes the problem. If it keeps popping call us right away.

Check Your Filter

We know its hard to remember to replace your filter every 30 days or when your recommended time should be. If you pull out your filter and it looks dirty then that could be the issue. Change your filter right away. Do Not Run Your System Without A Filter.

Blinking Lights

Most modern furnaces have a blinking light that flashes an error code when it has one. Write down the error code and let us know what that is when you call us.

Check Your Fuse

Per building code your furnace must have a fuse (commonly knows as a SSU) before the power reaches the furnace. Look for the metal shielded cable coming from your furnace and trace it to a metal box. There is a box lid over the fuse. Lift the cover and look at the fuse.

Check the Door

Sometimes the door can rattle open and trip a safety switch. Simply check to make sure the door is tightly and locked into place.