The Quest For Clean Indoor Air: 5 Ways to Achieve the Goal

Clean Indoor Air

The quality of the air you breathe has a noticeable impact on your health and your comfort levels. Muggy and humid air makes it hard to relax, and bad smells can be signs of a bigger issue. 

Without the right equipment, it can seem impossible to improve the air in your house. One of the dangers of dirty air is the impact it could have on your health.

Multiple studies have linked poor air quality to various diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease. The air you breathe in your house could carry various irritants and allergens such as dust and mold spores. 

Air sanitizer helps, but it isn’t a permanent solution. And air purifiers can cost a lot of money. Here are some ways to clean the air in your home without breaking the bank. 

1. Open Your Windows

If you live away from the big city, one way to get clean indoor air is to supplement it with the air from outside. Open your windows and let that fresh air in. It’s the simplest solution on this list, but it’s also very effective. 

Bad smells can vent outside, and you only need to open the windows for a few minutes every day to see results. 

2. Circulating Air in the House

In addition to an open window, you can circulate the air in your house with an HVAC system. Many new thermostats have an air circulate function.

Set it to go off every 15 minutes per hour to keep the temperatures even. An AC unit is especially helpful for windowless rooms

3. Change Your AC Filters

Installing an air conditioning unit is a great way to circulate air in your home, but you have to remember to clean or replace its air filters. These filters help to collect any stray dust and debris from around your house, including animal hair and dirt. 

You should replace your air filter every 90 days or so, but you could do it every 45 days for the best results. If you notice a strange smell coming from your AC vents, then it’s probably time to swap out your filter. 

4. Keep Pets Groomed

Pets produce a lot of loose hair that can get cycled throughout your house. In order to maintain clean indoor air, you’ll want to brush your pets outside on a regular basis. You should also clean out any animal crates or cages to prevent bad smells from building up. 

5. Use a Humidifier 

Dry air can cause dry skin, irritated eyes, breathing issues, and more. A humidifier puts moisture back into dry air and helps prevent doorknobs from shocking you due to static buildup. It works especially well in the winter months. 

Breathe in Clean Indoor Air

Maintaining clean indoor air is one of the biggest struggles for homeowners everywhere. Our PURIFI technology monitors your environment in real-time while actively managing airborne particles. You could also get the Platinum UV Carbon Air Sanitizer which uses UV-C light to neutralize foul odors. 

Book an appointment today with IMS Heating & Air, Inc., and we’ll get you set up with the right unit.