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Don’t Get Hot

We can help lower your utility bills while prolonging your equipment’s life.

Routine Maintenance Could Save You Up to 23% on your utilities*

Air Conditioning Service in Longmont CO, Fort Collins CO, Johnstown CO, Loveland CO, Greeley CO & Boulder CO


Schedule Ahead of the Rush

The last thing you need is to get caught hot in the summer. Scheduling your maintenance ahead of time will give you peace of mind of coming home to a cool house all summer long.


Front of the Line

It’s not cheating, if something does happen in the busy season you get preferential treatment and we will put you to the front of the line, in many cases we will head out immediately.


Exclusive Discounts

Our Comfort Club offers specials, discounts, and promotions that only members will have available. This includes Free and Heavy discounts just for being a member.

Cost Comparison

Image Compressor Goes Out


New Compressor installed up to $675

Service with Comfort Club

A/C maintained so it never went out. FREE*

IF you have to replace your Compressor with Comfort Club – $413

Disclaimer – this estimate is an example and many other factors can contribute to a repair bill. Please call us for clarification or if you have questions. Cost of membership fees not calculated in the example.

Schedule a convenient appointment time, and we’ll show up right when expected, prepared to handle the scope of the job, and never leave you with mess or damage.  Our NATE-certified professionals optimize energy efficiency, sound levels, reliability, and longevity of all makes and models of air conditioners and heat pumps, resulting in lower monthly costs, superior comfort, and healthier air quality.   Contact us at (970) 528-0730 to learn more about the many benefits of seasonal maintenance, including fulfillment of warranty requirements.  We offer superior solutions to residential comfort across Longmont CO, Fort Collins CO, Johnstown CO, Loveland CO, Greeley CO & Boulder CO.

In some cases we could save you up to 30% on your utility bill.

Ask how regular A/C Maintenance can help avoid costly repairs.

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Our team is focused on one thing, making your home more comfortable. Learn more about what we do and why we go the extra mile.

Fo(u)r Your Comfort Promise


Right sized

We measure your house to make sure that we are going to install the right sized piece of equipment. Newer furnaces and ACs are a lot more efficient and do not always need to be as large.


Right Price

We will always give our best price, no games. If you have a bid from another professional company we will match their bid; apples to apples.


Your Choice

We always give the customer options. From our repairs to our new equipment you will always have the choice that fits your needs and budget.


100% Satisfaction

We will do everything in our power to make our customers happy, we will even pull a piece of equipment out.

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Very professional people; from the office staff to the techs. I would highly recommend IMS. At the very first visit from the technician that handled our “no heat” call, it was quite apparent that they had plenty of experience.
I’ve been a contractor for 24 years (now retired) and in the past have successfully nursed the furnace in our prior home back into service; so as it was obvious to me that as I watched, there was no false diagnostic information given to me
I’m very happy with IMS and will recommend them should the occasion arise.

Walt Amick Avatar
Walt Amick

They were able to remove my 17 year old unit and replace it with a sleek, brand new furnace. Looks great, works great, the price was right, but the reason 4 stars is the noise. The jet engine sound takes a little getting used to. I actually have to change the volume significantly if I’m watching TV.

Lea Peterson Avatar
Lea Peterson

There’s no way I would use any other HVAC company in the area after my experiences with IMS Heating & Air. All of their staff are super friendly, and their customer service is top-notch. I was experiencing multiple problems with a heating unit and IMS was able to provide same-day and next day appointments to send one of their helpful technicians out to address the issues.

I received follow up calls and even heard from the owner ensuring that my purchased equipment was correctly functioning. Wish everyone I dealt with was more like IMS!

Pete Kosciuk Avatar
Pete Kosciuk