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Heating/Furnace Repair & Installation

There are places where winter’s chill is welcome, but your home isn’t one of them.  Whether you’re looking for help with a current heating system or are searching for professional heating installation services for your property, our team is always here to provide fast and effective solutions for your needs.

Our Service Goal

Tired of feeling cold and lonely? Just be lonely! With our professional heating services at IMS Heating & Air Inc., we can add warmth back into any property. Our experienced heating repair technicians offer top-of-the-line heating services to ensure your home is as comfortable as possible throughout all days of the year.

Our Services in Longmont, CO

At IMS Heating & Air Inc., we are proud to be northern Colorado’s top choice for heating repairs, installations, and maintenance services. If you’re tired of your home feeling like the North Pole, you which team to call first.

Our Contact Information

Don’t break out the heating blankets just yet! With our services at IMS Heating & Air Inc., you don’t have to spend any more nights shivering from the cold. Just give our team a call at (970) 279-3620 for live assistance whenever you need it, and we’ll be happy to help.

Need some guidance?

Look at options, pricing, financing, and solutions for your home. We will take measurements of your home, evaluate your existing equipment and listen to your needs to provide you with affordable solutions.