How Often Should You Get an AC Tune-Up?

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If you’ve had an AC for a long period of time, you know that your air conditioner is bound to need some cleaning and general maintenance once in a while. 

The change of weather always brings the need to ensure that our home’s HVAC systems are working well; and with summer just around the corner, now is the best time to do so. One of the many things that our HVAC specialists suggest doing is scheduling a tune-up. But how often should you get an AC tune-up?

Each home – and each air conditioner – has its own unique circumstances that can change how often the system needs a tune-up. So, while there is a specific amount of time you can wait for in between tune-ups, it’s far more crucial to keep a track of any small signs that it’s time.

Today’s article goes over those specific signs and answers the question, “how often should you tune-up your AC?”

If you find any of the signs in your home or you want to schedule a tune-up earlier, just contact us at IMS Heating & Air.

How Often Should You Get an AC Tune-Up in a Single Year?

Unfortunately, there’s no black-and-white answer to this question.

If you’re trying to determine how often to get an AC tune-up, you’ll want to remember that the time frame varies from unit to unit. It primarily depends on how old your unit is, with some needing more frequent tune-ups to keep working as efficiently. 

When dealing with a newly installed air conditioner, you should try to get a tune-up done once a year. Chances are, your unit and its parts were made recently; because of this, they have very little wear and tear. Most of the time, it means that, unless the installation was completed incorrectly, the AC will continue to work efficiently. There’s even a chance that the unit won’t need any tuning up for quite some time.

The answer to the question, “how often should I tune-up my air conditioner?” when dealing with an older system is the opposite of a new one. The older your AC is, the higher the chance it has to spontaneously fail and develop problems. The natural wear and tear of yearly use damages the unit’s parts, gradually increasing until you notice the AC as a whole isn’t working as efficiently. 

So, to avoid failure and to keep it running as long as possible, older systems should be tuned up twice a year.

Signs You Need to Get Your AC Tuned Up

If you’ve recently moved into a house and don’t know when the last time the AC was tuned up, the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment for one right away. However, many homeowners might hesitate at first; after a big purchase like a home, calling a technician might feel expensive at first. That’s why it can be important to check for some of these signs first.

Suddenly Weakened Airflow

If you turn on your air conditioner one day only to realize that the airflow has seemed to drop since you’ve last used it, it’s a good time to schedule a tune-up. Weakened airflow is one of the things that you should keep in mind if you’ve been wondering, “how often should you get an AC tune-up?” since the cause is far less severe. 

Typically, your AC’s weakened airflow is caused by something blocking the vents or slowing the blowing of the air. If the AC has an open connection to the outside of your home, small critters and birds can get in and make a nest deep inside. Additionally, the vents can be blocked off by a buildup of dust and debris or a simple dirty air filter. A tune-up can help ensure that the AC parts are clean.

Water Leaking From the AC

Once in a while, you might find water leaking or dripping from the AC unit. Most of the time, the dripping can be caused by a clogged drain pipe – that’s used to get rid of said water – or a leak in the system’s refrigerant lines. 

When it comes to these issues, the problem is often the refrigerant. The liquid is the main part of your system that’s used to cool the air. As it gets pushed into the system to absorb heat, the higher temperature itself can end up causing condensation to form. Typically, that condensation doesn’t leak out into your home but if it does, it’s a big sign that there’s something wrong with the refrigerant lines.

How Often to Get an AC Tune-Up — Takeaway

Tuning up your home’s air conditioner is one of the most important things you need to do before summer comes. Many different things can get into your home through any outside access points or vents, blocking up the airflow into your home. This is just one of the many other problems that a tune-up can solve, though, and a single session can even help an old AC last longer.

However, very few people know just when to schedule a tune-up appointment, especially if they’ve just moved into a new home. So, as a solution, just schedule one with IMS Heating & Air today and make a note for it next year!