5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Furnace

Cold Couple Needs Furnace Replaced

The furnace in your home is one of the overlooked and most common things to require repair. This is not just because it is more susceptible to damage but because it is used in heating and cooling your house. This is why your furnace is such an essential part of your home where you have to prioritize routine maintenance keeping it in working order, or know when it’s time to get a new furnace. 

Of course, just because your furnace has a problem doesn’t mean that you need to replace it. In some cases, it is better to repair it. But how can you know whether it is better to repair or replace your furnace?

Learn about the five most important signs you might need to consider before replacing your furnace instead of just servicing it!

Your Furnace Is Old 

Sometimes, the simplest rules can be the most helpful. For example, in many cases, knowing when to replace furnaces is as simple as knowing how old they are. At the end of the day, if a furnace is 15 years or older, it is only a matter of time before it stops working, and trust us, it will happen at the least opportune time.

At that point, it is a good idea to get your furnace replaced before it starts to cause problems. This is especially true if your furnace is not working at its very best. The first signs of problems in an old furnace generally foretell its imminent demise.

You Have Been Replacing Parts, A LOT 

Annually you should tune-up furnaces, this can save you a lot of money in utilities and check your overall systems health. It can be tough to choose a furnace replacement when a furnace repair is a lot less money out of pocket. When your furnace has had 4 or more major issues it may be time to consider a furnace replacement.

At the same time, too many repairs can actually cost more than a simple replacement. You have to ask yourself if a single part in the furnace is breaking down or if the whole system is breaking down. Sometimes your furnace will sound like it has issues, while other times it will just stop working. 

Those groans are the sounds that something isn’t right, and something needs to be replaced soon. So when does a furnace need to be repaired or replaced? Even if everything seems to be working fine, it needs maintenance if your furnace starts making sounds. 

If you have had to replace three parts in the past few years in your furnace, then the whole system could be on the verge of breaking down. In that case, you will save more time and money in the long term by simply getting a replacement.

Once you have a replacement furnace installed, you will only have to worry about your furnace routine maintenance for the next several years, at least.

Your Energy Bills Are Going Up 

Even if your furnace is not obviously broken, there are signs you can detect that reveal that the furnace is starting to come to the end of its useful life. These can be especially helpful when a furnace has not been serviced or tuned up yearly. Things like dirty blower wheels and capacitors can lose their peak performance.

One strong sign that your furnace is getting weaker is that your energy bills are going up. Your blower wheel motor takes more and more energy to start when it gets coated with dust and debris. A furnace that doesn’t work very well will start to drain more and more energy as it tries to do its job. That leads to higher energy bills and repair bills.

When you think about it, it makes sense that this would lead to higher energy bills. If the furnace is on all the time, of course, it will cost more energy and more wear and tear on the unit.

Your Home’s Air Quality Is Suffering 

Your furnace does more than just heat your home. It also helps keep the air clean. At least, it does when it is operating correctly.

You might notice this if you see more dust particles floating through the air than you used to. These are often visible when seen in direct sunlight from a window. This is because these particles are trapped in the filter when the furnace runs. 

In Colorado, spring and fall temperatures are tremendous, and a furnace can run less. This lets more particles hang out in the air. By changing your filter regularly, you should see a difference. The blower wheel can become caked with gunk like what you see on fan blades and can reduce its efficiency by up to 30%. These huge dust bunnies can then be pushed through your ductwork back into your home.

Great Payment Options

Usually, the first question is how much will a new system cost me? With our great financing options, it can be a very low monthly payment. In some scenarios, the efficiency in energy usage will reduce your bill enough to pay for parts of its monthly cost. 

Our customers choose financing options about 75% of the time. There are options for many different situations and needs. A FREE Home Comfort Analysis will give you the best options for your home specifically, along with financing options that can fit your specific needs. 

Know Exactly When to Replace Your Furnace

We hope that you could take away something helpful from this quick article on a few of the most important things to keep in mind when considering repairing or replacing your furnace. Keeping your furnace in working order can require a significant investment of money. You must spend that money in the right way.

Done correctly, maintaining your furnace is an investment that will pay off in an improved quality of life that you will enjoy for many years to come. To learn more about how you can find expert professionals to help you repair or replace your furnace, feel free to reach out and get in touch with us here at any time!