You vacuum your rugs, why would you vacuum your ducts?

Imagine your carpets after a year of never vacuuming.

Your ductworks are a lot like your carpets, they collect all of that stuff out of the air. UP TO 40 POUNDS OF DUST DIRT AND DEBRIS could be in your ducts. We recommend a yearly cleaning. 

Getting your ducts clean is a simple process. We will show you what your ducts look like before and after. Gain the peace of mind knowing that your ductwork isn’t harboring nasty germs and all sorts of yuckiness. 


If you need an appointment before the options below please call us at (970) 532-0123

ONE – Pick your date and your time.

TWO – Give us a little information about your issue and your location. 

THREE – We will confirm your appointment request.

YES it’s that easy – so relax we’ve got this.



I am really impressed with this company. I was able to get an amazing financing deal using my Home Depot credit card and they installed an additional mini split head onto my existing mini split air conditioning system. The install itself went well and I was really happy with the system. My mini split system recently started having cooling issues. Long story short, the company who originally installed my system was of very little help and tried to shift the blame onto IMS. It took over 2 weeks to get the first company to my home. As soon as I called and told IMS what was going on, they were out the very next day. Shauna was very patient with me on the phone when I had to call back a few times and try to schedule around my work commitments (Thank you!). Jordan, the technician who came to my home, was awesome. He was very knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic. He able to resolve the issue quickly even though the problem was likely not caused by his company. IMS truly cares about their customers and they go out of their way to make sure they are taken care of. I plan to use them for any future air conditioning needs!

Emilea Burton Avatar
Emilea Burton

IMS did a great job! Not only did they beat quotes I got from other companies, they got me in as soon as they could and worked with me around my work schedule and were very helpful with my many phone calls 😅 quality and quantity expectations were met and exceeded! Highly recommend! No longer melting in my home with fans everywhere!!!

Cassondra Nesby Avatar
Cassondra Nesby

I feel many AIr companies try to exploit their customers- not IMS – they communicate effectively of what was needed to get an AC unit into my home. Explained everything I needed and gave me different price options for my needs.

Aaron did an excellent job providing the information and selling me the unit.

John did an exceptional job installing.

Would repeat business and recommend to friends and family.

Jonathan Gillham Avatar
Jonathan Gillham


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